In a Cozy or tiny home, the bathroom does not have to be an afterthought. Creative design and the latest amenities can still be added to what will probably be the most used place in your home. These ten solutions will help you make the most of of a tiny bathroom.

1. Utilize the space in between the studs of the wall. Niches and shelving can be cut out of the wall and used for towel storage, a hamper or laundry area, a medicine cabinet or a place for some decorations or a mirror.

2. Install wire shelving in the shower or bathtub to hold soaps and shampoo.

3. Stall showers take up less space than a bathtub and can be installed in a corner.

4. Instead of a pedestal sink, install a sink that has cabinets or shelves both above and below for more storage options.

5. Make a small bathroom seem larger by painting it a lighter color on all the walls as well as the ceiling. Keep the same tones when choosing your shower curtain, towels and even your toilet and sink.

6. Tile the floor with large tiles in a solid color.

7. Utilize the back of the bathroom door for storage of robes, towels or a mirror.

8. Decorate with one main object: a large seashell, one beautiful plant, a Buddha statue or a nice drawing or print.

9. To contain clutter, group like items together: towels should all be in the same location and small items like cotton swabs, nail clips or Band-Aids should be put into a small container.

10. Purchase a shower curtain with pockets that can hold washcloths, shampoo and slippers.

Probably… my favorite bathroom in a Cozy Home that’s currently available is the “Pool House” El Capitan.  Accessible from two doors, lots of storage and oversized bathtub and vanity. All in 307 sq ft!


Photo by taratara69/Flickr