We here at Cozy Home Pans love” reality” DIY’ing… just as much as creating our “virtual reality” floor plans.

I recently changed out some windows in what will eventually become a Tiny “guest” House for a dog rescue here in North Texas. In the case of our little 12′ x 22′ Tiny House, it was definitely cheaper to just replace them with new stock size windows. We were also upgrading from aluminum to vinyl, so that was a big plus too in added efficiency.

Here’s how I did it.

Step #1 Use packing tape or cheap duct tape and create a grid pattern on all the window glass. This will help in controlling the glass pieces if it does happen to shatter during window removal.

Step #2 Remove all trim, screws and fasteners from the frame to expose the nail fin.

Step #3 With a sharp razor knife cut out and remove as much of the calking as possible from both inside and out.












Step #4 If the window has a nail fin, get in behind it with a flat bar and gently begin prying it open. A proper installation will have a generous amount of caulking behind the fin and this will make it more challenging to remove.

Step #5 Completely remove window and clean all surfaces.

Step #6 Do a dry-fit of the window to properly gauge gaps and what it will take to shim the window squarely in the hole.












Step #7 Place a generous bead of “minimum 35 year with silicone” on the correct side of the nail finHappened to put it on the wrong side a few times myself, that’s why I mention it.









Steps #8 Gently lift and hold into the opening, DO NOT apply pressure till the window is centered properly in place.

Step #9 Press tight and secure the window in place. Add insulation and caulk all the gaps.

Note:  Not a big fan of the canned spray foam for window installation. It tends to be real messy and the expanding foam can twist or warp the new windows frames causing them not to close properly. I have even heard “might be an urban legend” that the use of spray foam could even void the manufacturer’s warranty.  But DON’T quote me…

Step #10 Replace all trim pieces and check to see that all boards slope away from the window. This will enable water to shed water away from the house. Then caulk everything all nice and pretty, touch-up the paint and viola… New pretty window! Cheap…Cheap…Cheap…


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington