Anyone who looked at the “old version” of the A B See a year ago saw a very plain small house, devoid of any 3D love that most of my designs typically get. This was because it needed something, the layout just felt unfinished. A year later… it got the attention it needed with the addition of 54 sq. ft. This made all the difference and made this a truly Cozy home. 592 sq ft Small House "A B See" 3D Top View

592 sq ft Small House “A B See” 3D Top View 592 sq ft Small House "A B See" 3D Outside View

592 sq ft Small House “A B See” 3D Outside View









New Features!

Larger and more open Kitchen & Dining area.

It now has access to the backyard like all homes should have.

A door now separates the W/D from the hallway for a cleaner more finished look.

Larger closet in Bedroom #2, for holding more stuff!!! Because stuff is not a four letter word here at Cozy HP.

Adding the one car garage now makes this an ideal paired home choice too.

Including the 6 essentials is quite a bit easier when we have this much square footage to play with. Of course, most people think under 600 sq. ft. make’s a good sized Kitchen & Gathering room but not us! You could fit 3 Cozy Cubes, 2 Thimble Peeks or a Crested Butte and a half in this foot print.


Now my 6 Must Haves; decent Kitchen, room for a larger Bed, Bath that will fit two in a pinch, Storage, Washer & Dryer & Space to move around a bit.

#1 The half Galley & “U” Kitchen has 9 cabinets, plus a pantry with extra room for a built in buffet adding additional counter top space & appliance storage.

#2 Room for a Queen mattress in both bedroom #1 and #2.

#3 The full Bath includes room a standard 5’ tub or 60” shower pan, whichever is preferred.

#4 Lots of big closets for Storage.

#5 The stackable Washer/Dryer centrally located in the hall.

#6 The open Kitchen, Dinning & Gathering room creates a more Spacious feel and a great first impression.


Cozy Home Plans now has 20 different two bedroom small house plans in Flickr to choose from.

I was shocked by this number too! Had no idea that we had so many to choose from now and we will be adding a 20th one next week.

Our #1 goal is to make living the tiny lifestyle a reality for everyone. Offering realistic downsizing choices for singles & couples wanting a Cozy home, plus small families needing 3 or even 4 bedrooms.

It really is all about Living Large, in a Cozy Home.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington