One of the first stock small house plans to be offered here at Cozy was the El Capitan; it’s also available in a simple outdoor shed too by the way. The exterior look and style was influenced by a picture of a garden shed that I saw on the internet and immediately thought “how cool is that”. However, the inside is 100% pure Cozy Micro, Little, Tiny or small living at it finest.

At only 307 sq. ft. the El Capitan’s layout never ceases to amaze me on what can be done with it. We now have 4 different configurations for the inside, depending on your needs or wants in a small house. All versions have your basic full-time needs covered with a great place for sleeping, cooking, relaxing, bathroom and laundry facilities.

The original El Capitan is a perfect mixture of Pool & Guest House with bathroom access from both outside and from within. 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Pool House" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Pool House” Floor Plan View 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan" 3D Outside View

307 sq ft “El Capitan” 3D Outside View










We changed things up a bit by creating the perfect writer’s retreat, that also serves double duty as a private guest house called the “Studio”. 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Studio" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Studio” Floor Plan View










This layout shows off my love of cooking and perhaps is Cozy’s smallest and most perfect “Gourmet Kitchen” granny flat to date. This one has two different layouts offering both a Full and ¾ Bath option. Both designs work well in my opinion and it would be tough to have to choose between them. I guess it would boil down to the loss of 12” of closet space. 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Gourmet Kitchen" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Gourmet Kitchen” Floor Plan View 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Gourmet Kit w FB" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Gourmet Kitchen w Full Bath” Floor Plan View










Last but certainly not least is the “Fireplace” layout, which was just created last night and coming in at #2 just behind the Humble Pie for smallest Cozy Home with a fireplace. This version has just about everything for making it the perfect backyard or full time Casita; I think! 😀 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Fireplace" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Fireplace” 3D Top View 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Fireplace" Floor Plan View w Grid

307 sq ft “El Capitan Fireplace” Floor Plan View with Grid









My Essentials for the “Fireplace”

The Kitchen has all the basics covered.

Rendered with a Full size Bed but a Queen could still fit in the space.

The Bath has a 48” shower, storage closet and a nice sized vanity.

Storage areas are provided by closets, cabinets and furniture.

The stackable Washer/Dryer fits nicely into the Bath, but if not needed could easily provide an additional closet space or a full sized tub.

Space is my 6thFloor Plan Essential”. This particular layout has seating for 3 with the desk chair making it 4. The backdoor also provides another way of combining in and outdoor living.

The only negative thing I see is…  😥    The act of actually eating what you have cooked at a table is somewhat compromised, it could be accomplished at the desk area, flip-up dining table or the old stand-by… TV trays.

This brings up the point that my renderings are precisely that, my vision of what it could be and how the furniture “could” be laid out inside.  Your version could have two recliners with room for a table and no desk at all.

Our design Motto is “Let our signature be yours”, all of these plans are 100% customizable. Let my vision be your inspiration, we can then meld them together and create the perfect Cozy home… just for you.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington