Cozy Home Plans tries to cover multiple areas of the housing markets with our floor plans and concepts.

Multi-family & Plexus

We’re always trying to anticipate the “square foot minimums” issue by offering multi-plex designs that can be joined together by a common wall or a garage.

Our Mittens, Inspiration Point & Natural Rhythm would be ideal paired homes.

We have also created a series of unique smaller designs that can be connected side by side. By combining the Ricochet, Cashmere, Cloudburst and several others together, you can get more of a town-house row feel because they only have windows in the front and back.

Backyard Casitas & income properties

We have 25 one bedroom options that make great mother-in-law or granny flats. This size home is also a perfect backyard rental house providing additional income.

We also offer 34 designs under 300 sq. ft. that would also make for ideal rental cabins. The Firefly is a real Cozy two bedroom cabin that would make a great… just about anything! 200 sq ft small house floor plan "Catalina" 3D Outside View

200 sq ft small house floor plan “Catalina” 3D Outside View








Communal living as a housing option

Our eyes were recently opened to the Dancing Rabbit with our latest sale of a Cozy Cube. Definitely think it’s a perfect fit for that type of environment.

We have a few designs now that certainly reflect a more shared living arrangement under a single roof.

Checks out the Echo Canyon, Dorm & the Big 5 shipping container design if this type of floor plan interest you.

Downsizing into a Cozier sized home.

All of our floor plans are under 1000 sq. ft. and we offer 1-4 bedroom options.

Cozy #1 goal is combining the basic fundamentals for living with a nice Kitchen; larger Bed area, ample Storage, Bath, Washer/Dryer and all with Space to move around in… throw in a dash of luxury… mix it all together and we give you something like the Crested Butte, ADA compliant Regal Mountain and over 100 more in Flickr to choose from.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington