I noticed last night while uploading a new small house concept called “Boots N Spurs”, that my individual picture views in Flickr hit 50,000 Woo Hoo! We also broke a daily view record on the 9th with 1463 total views that day. Wow, I just wanted to say thank you so very much! We really do love small houses and feel that this increasing traffic means that you love them too.

Why are we passionate about bringing you so many designs for Micro, Tiny and Small Houses you may ask?

We all know that population increases and shifting demographics typically leads to Urban sprawl. Cozy’s vision of the future is a “slightly” more densely packed urban and suburban environment. Kind of like how the rest of the world lives right now, but without losing our own individuality. Some new home builders are getting it by adding “in law” suites to there already 3-4,000 sq. ft. houses. Even low-rise high density urban designs are being introduced now.  Is this the answer? Certainly part of it and a start, but there are other options.

In the dozens of homes that I’ve owned, flipped or worked on and in the “high” hundreds that I’ve looked at… the vast majority could have easily accommodated one of my tiny or even medium sized small Cozy Home Plans in the backyard. This minimal sacrifice of sometimes unused ground doesn’t take away from the American dream of single family home ownership, in fact perhaps doing just the opposite. Protecting it, by providing additional rental income or keeping the family closer together, yet still separate and independent. A perfect solution for helping in these tough economic times were now all facing.

With proper planning ahead for the future and the realization of what already exist out there; everyone can have a place to call home. The tiny house movement to me is so much more than just cute little houses…

It’s about building a future, while holding on to a dream… in this reality.

At least to me, deep down in my soul. What is it for you? I would really like to know.

Thanks again for all the views, comments and Likes on FB! Please take a walk on the “tiny side” in Flickr any time, its open 24/7 and it changes quite often.

We will talk about the “Boots N Spurs” in our next post.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington