6 Small Home Floor Plan Essentials or “Must Haves”

After studying and creating small home plans for years, plus living in small quarters myself, I’ve discovered 6 essential elements a small home floor plans needs to be functional and fun to live in. There are other features you may want in your small home, but these 6 are my “must haves” for me personally, to be comfortable in a tiny home.

1.  A fully functional kitchen

The kitchen is a very important room and needs to be large enough and functional with plenty of counter space, storage and a refrigerator. Also having enough space for meal preparation, a pantry and storage for pots and pans is crucial when cooking a wide variety of meals. Having spent a few years living full time in a 35ft RV 5th Wheel, its kitchen was my biggest issue. My love of cooking and experimenting with new dishes was severely hampered by this. This became my number one must have in a Cozy Home.

2. A good sized bed

A bedroom needs to have enough space to accommodate larger sized beds in my homes. As you look at the Cozy floor plans please note that all, unless labeled otherwise, are rendered with Queen Size beds. This is another area that I felt very strongly about. Not everyone fits comfortably in a full sized bed, and particularly couples may definitely want and need more room.

3. Ample bathroom/s with sufficient storage

The bathroom seems to be neglected in a small home sometimes. Having a spacious but efficient bath you can share in a pinch is important. Attempting to be as generous as possible to an area that we don’t spend a lot of time in (but the time we do is pretty darn important) was a challenge. My Cozy Home baths offer an absolute minimum 32” x 32” shower pan and 32″ or 36″ corner showers, but most plans have a standard 5ft tub in them. Some plans have much larger than 24” vanities plus the occasional cabinet and linen closets.

4.  Storage

My goal actually was to have multiple storage locations in each plan. Some plans have two or more closets and even the occasional walk-in closet in some of y larger floor plans. Cozy Homes was started with the philosophy that a house isn’t necessarily a home. Can you live in less than a 100 sq ft? Absolutely! But having the ability to entertain, accommodate guests for the weekend or longer and having a place for that 7-foot Christmas tree was more important to me than a number. If being surrounded by the things that you love, and having some in boxes, is essential to you, then a Cozy Home might just work perfectly.

I recently stumbled across the 100 or 300 personal things challenge. Basically count all your possessions (including clothing) and limit them to a number. I was rather intrigued by the idea, but as of yet still have not worked up the courage to even try it. Post a comment on how it worked out for you and that just might inspire me or others.

5. Enough space for a washer and dryer

The floor plans utilize predominately stackable washers and dryers which is the perfect option when you need laundry capabilities in a limited space. Actually including them is always discretionary. This will be your Cozy Home and if a washer and dryer is not necessary then utilize the space for a second closet or shelving. Eliminating the washer and dryer would give the Thimble Peak a His and Hers closet option. In the past, I’ve used coin laundry facilities and not having to spend between $3-$5 to wash and dry each load is well worth a 12 sq ft loss.

You have many choices now with stackable washers and dryers. The two most common widths are 27 inches and 24 inches. The advantage of a larger machine is capacity. Most dryers require 220-volt and the washer 110. If 220 is a problem check out RV washer and dryer combos. They are 110 and seem to be a great option.

Front loading options are also available and they use less water and are more energy efficient than traditional top load models. A kit is sold separately to attach the front loading dryer to the top of the washer. Both gas and electric is available for both. Some styles are connected together and if one half completely breaks down then you have to buy both again. Just remember to take good measurements so that when you go to the store you know exactly what you can and can’t have.

6. Room for more than one person.

Unless you are single, and planning to keep it that way, your small home needs to be comfortable enough to co-habitat with your loved one. The 208-350ish sq ft range will require more of a “two peas in a pod” mindset with little separation. Once you get to the Navajo Peach and especially the Crested Butte at 384 sq ft then it’s, “will we need an intercom system?” Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but it is truly amazing what a well placed 100 sq ft can do to a home.

These 6 Essentials / Must Haves were my guiding lights,  I hope they inspire you help you decide which Cozy Home Plans floor plan would work best for your unique situation.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington