A few days ago an email sent me on a trip down memory lane. It contained a few questions about the 64 sq ft Limbo Rock, a design concept that we won a contest for at Alex’s site Tiny House Talk about a year ago.

64 sq ft "Sit Tight" Micro House

The 64 sq ft “Sit Tight” Micro House


The 64 sq ft “Limbo Rock” Micro House










Here was the exchange…

I have a couple questions about your cool little 8 x 8 house design please: http://tinyhousetalk.com/8×8-tiny-house-design-by-kevin/

1) How would the water from the shower drain away from the bathroom floor with this design? Would you have a sill at the bottom of the door so the water wouldn’t go into the rest of the house? Would you put a grate on the floor of the bathroom and have a drain hole underneath?

2) What waterproof material would you use to cover the walls and floor of the bathroom?



And from Me…

Hey Steve, Thanks for the email.

Wow, seems like so long ago!

Great questions, hope this helps…

That is actually a stock 32” x 32” shower pan in the concept rendering, but a person could get an even smaller size online like 30” x 30”.

I try and use all completely stock materials in all of my designs though.

The pan would be sufficient to catch the water or one could simply make a custom one out of cement by the way, then “YES” your sill could be any height. If it was me, I would probably put a standard shower door on instead of a curtain too. Not sure about the “grate” idea? That might be kinda rough on my little feet. However if it was elevated a bit one could capture the gray water easier.

A properly installed tile job uses cement backer board and a water proof membrane underneath and in front. Liners come in prefab, PVC and liquid roll on forms. That’s a more complicated process though. For a DIYer “like me”, I would probably use green or purple water resistant drywall and a solid surface shower enclosure kit… or even material like FRP “fiberglass reinforced panels work great, then caulk with some awesome silicone. Not near as pretty but in an 8×8 space, pretty has nothing to do with it in my humble opinion. I have tiled thousands of sq ft and a really small shower is pretty tough to do.

Obviously, in the Limbo Rock I used a composting toilet simply like a 5 gal bucket that sits in the space when it is not in use.

A few months ago I added some more 8×8’ concepts… If you’re interested their the, Sit TightLay-n-Low and Svelte that has a great bath and loft bed. There all actually pretty different concepts too “which is not all that easy to do with 64 sq ft” and have both pros and cons. AND… All with actual toilets!

Here is a link to Flickr, I now have over 130 different designs in ascending square footage so they will be the first ones. Plus 1,2,3 and 4+ bedrooms.

Don’t hesitate if you ever have questions, just send them over.

Cozy, Kevin

P.S. There are a few shots of them in Pinterest too, but not as many as in Flickr…