What if you want to have a party in your Cozy Home or tiny house? With the holidays coming up, some people who live in homes smaller than 500 square feet might be having challenges fitting family and friends into their tiny abodes. Add in a few drinks and a lot of food and that tiny house may feel like it’s bursting at the seams. There are a few ways to accommodate your guests and still have a great party in a small or tiny home.

1. Serve only appetizers and finger foods

For any holiday party, you will want to have all the trimmings: the turkey, ham, large dishes of vegetables and some heaping pumpkin pies. However, these dishes take up room in the kitchen as well as in a non-existent dining space. Take it down a notch and serve only appetizers and finger foods. eHow has some tips on how to serve your guests tiny foods in a tiny house.

2. Move the party outside

If the weather is decent, you might be able to move your party out to the deck or porch. Make sure to keep the drinks outside so that your guests will eventually meander outside anyway. The Skylight Mountain (320 square feet) and the Crested Butte (384 square feet) both have covered porches that can fit about half a dozen people. Set up a couple of chairs and they will have an excuse to be outside.

3. Serve only two kinds of drinks

It would be nice to have a full bar in your small or tiny house, but with space at a premium you might only be able to serve one type of beer or wine and maybe one cocktail. This not only keeps cost down, but it keeps the amount of dirty dishes down as well.

4. Make seating fun

No matter the size of your house, every guest is going to hang out in the kitchen. Make the rest of the tiny space more comfortable for them by adding some unique seating: throw some pillows on the floor in the bedroom or living room or shove the couches and chairs together for more intimacy.

5. Kick everyone out

Maybe you’ve decided that your tiny house is only for yourself. Instead, have your holiday party at a local church, conference room, condominium lobby or other public rental space. Keep your family out and keep your Cozy Home clean and relative-free.


Photo by Martin Cathrae