About Us

About Us

Hi, I’m Kevin the founder and owner of CozyHomePlans.com

Our team here at Cozy Home Plans has one main goal: to combine our decades of experience to make each new Cozy Home the best and well thought out home possible. From concept to design to construction, we constantly strive to fill a niche in the various plans and designs that have become part of the Tiny House Movement. Cozy Home Plans consists of small but completely functional stock plans, Cozy Steel Kits and our custom home plan division.

Cozy Home Plans Gives Back!

Another driving force behind Cozy Home Plans is our commitment to the community, the environment, and green and alternative building practices. With our continued success, the #1 goal is to both add new home plans choices and do unique green DIY stuff . Future projects will include but not be limited to:

• Earth Bag Construction

• ISBU construction (Shipping Containers)

• Straw Bale Homes

• CEB’s (Compressed Earth Blocks)

• Metal Silo Houses (Grain Bin Homes)

If you know of an alternative building practice that is not on this list, send us an email. We love to broaden our horizons here at Cozy Home Plans.

Our passion lies in not only the belief that everyone deserves a home of their own, but also with the belief that the days of status-quo are over. Doing something the same way for hundreds years doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right thing to do. Time has come full circle for us, our children and this planet.

We are located in colorful Colorado and always just a mouse click away. Give us the chance to help you find or create the tiny home of your dreams.

Thanks for visiting our website and have a blessed day =)