If you live in a Cozy, small or tiny house you are probably well aware of how to look at and think of space differently. In addition, you might be looking at different ways to furnish your home. The typical home’s furniture options might not be the best choice for a limited space, and most furniture is very expensive. However, there are some alternative furniture choices for a tiny homeowner who might not want to spend too much money on a few comfortable (and creative) items for their home.

Built-in furniture
One of the most common ways to add furniture to a tiny or small house is to build it in. Built-in furniture can add a coziness to a home that regular furniture can’t and it can save space. Most built-in furniture includes bookcases, cabinets and seating areas. A built-in seating area under a window can also double a storage area.

Large Pillows
Instead of a couch or puffy chair, how about getting a few large pillows to lounge on? This is common in countries were people live “close to the ground” like Japan, the Middle East and in Northern Africa. Pillows are used for seating, sleeping and for relaxing. It helps if you invest in well-made pillows made of wool or other natural fabrics that will stand up to some abuse.

A pouf is a Moroccan ottoman that starts out life as a flat piece of leather or wool. Once it’s filled with foam padding, wadded up cloth or even newspaper, it becomes a rather comfortable seat. These types of low chairs are used in areas of the Middle East as dining chairs (with a low table) footstools and decorative tables.

Who doesn’t fall right to sleep in a hammock? These large pieces of cloth or soft woven rope usually hang from trees, but you can also hang them in your home from a beam or ceiling or wall stud. They can be used for lounging and relaxing or even sleeping. They can also be unhooked from one end and hung on the wall to get them out of the way.

Outdoor Furniture
Inexpensive lawn furniture is a great alternative to expensive indoor furniture. Wicker, wood and metal chairs and a folding table can be used for dining furniture and a folding lounger can be used instead of a couch.

Wood Stumps
I have some wood stumps out by my firepit that are extremely handy for putting a glass of wine on. Who says you can’t bring them inside to do the same thing? A beautiful stump can make a very stylized coffee table and if you decide to get rid of it later on, you can burn it in the fireplace.

Wine Crates
Remember in college when you built that bookcase out of milk crates? Or out of 2x4s and cement blocks? You can do the same thing in your Cozy home — with an upgrade. Use wooden wine boxes to build bookshelves or bookcases, a coffee table and even containers for plants or seedlings.


By Christina Nellemann


Photos courtesy of wisemandarine, lovemaegan, roofless, davidking, ourunitedvillages, jenosaur, and world_view_by_cworonchak