Alternative Housing

Earthbag Homes

Tips from our very own construction experience. Earthbag Shield

Earthbag Shield








Silo Housing or Grain Bin Homes

Back in 1993 or 1994 I spotted an abandoned grain bin and became enamored with it and all the possibilities it held. A few years later at a home show here in Denver I saw a yurt for the first time. This several thousand-year-old housing concept was very similar to my grain bin home idea that I had been playing with. This reminded me once again that there are no original ideas.

Shipping Container Homes

The utilization of ISBU’s for the basic building blocks in construction is a great and original re-use of materials for affordable alternative construction. 3D Shipping Containers

3D Shipping Containers








We did a complete Blog series on some new designs that were both efficient and practical.

The Big T

The Big H

The Big Plus

The Big T Squared

The Big 7

The Big 5