Earthbag Shield

The 24′ x30′ Earthbag Shield

The Earthbag Shield steel roof system is intended to cover and protect an Earthbag home.

I have been following Owen Geiger, my favorite Earthbag home expert, for several years now. I was eager to put his tips and techniques to use in a project of our own. Many experts and fans believe he wrote one of the most realistic and thorough books on Earthbag construction to date. I’m not sure if I was the first to buy it, but I was one of the first to thank him for it!

Check out his book here…

The one aspect of Earthbag construction that some people struggle with is the roof. Cozy Home Plans has come up with a great option to cover your Earthbag home with long lasting steel. The structure is called Earthbag Shield.

When it is installed you then just add dirt, windows, doors, insulation, permission from your local building authority and mix together. Voila! You have a home that you probably paid cash for and did most of the work yourself.

If you plan on storing steel for any length of time, additional considerations will need to be taken so please feel free to contact Cozy Home Plans if you have any questions.

Taking into consideration the need for a minimum of 3’ overhang to help protect the plastered walls the largest interior structure should be on these sizes:

24’ x 30’ is 18’ x 24’     432 sq ft

24’ x 40’ is 18’ x 36’     648 sq ft

24’ x 50’ is 18’ x 46’     828 sq ft


Check out my Earthbag Building Tips, especially if you plan on doing the work by yourself.

 FAQ’s about steel in general

How many bags will I need?
Determine your Length x Height of each wall and then divide by .75. This will give you a ballpark figure of your bag requirements for each wall. Don’t forget to add additional bags for double bagging the bottom two rows.

Where do the bags come from?
We first exhausted all possibilities for misprinted and used bags locally and then finally came up with a supplier of new bags that was both reasonably priced and within a few hours drive.

Benefits of an Earthbag Shield:

It provides a completely covered and protected work area during the construction of your earthbag home.

It aids in the necessary UV protection required during the construction phase.

It gives you a completed primary roof, allowing for more cost effective options when choosing designing a ceiling.

The Shield creates an air void in between both structures. Causing no direct transference from one surface to the other and will aid in heating and cooling the home.

It gives your earthbag home a more traditional Ranch style with a wraparound covered porch look.


Here are some Plan 3D renderings of an Earthbag Shield home.

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