When envisioning walls, the first thing that comes to my mind is 2×4’s and drywall. Sure you can put a niche in and utilize some of the wasted space, but in tiny houses and small homes we want to make every square or cubic foot count and even multi-task if at all possible.

When designing your own small home, consider using floor to ceiling cabinetry instead of traditional walls. In the Cozy 285 sq ft “Out Back” floor plan, we have one of my most efficient Kitchen, Dining, Bath and Storage Configurations. All this in about 110 sq. ft. and it’s all because of my use of cabinetry instead of walls.

In this area we have a 24” deep one for hanging garments and a double cabinet 16” for folded clothes and on the backside is a 20” deep Pantry, plus additional bathroom storage cabinetry.

cozyhomeplans.com Out Back floor plan

The “Out Back” Kitchen & Bath











We chose to use a peninsula style cabinet with access from both sides to maximize the efficiency under the breakfast bar shot below.


cozyhomeplans.com Out Back Dining & Closet Storage

The “Out Back” Dining & Closet Storage

cozyhomeplans.com Out Back Dining & Pantry Storage

The “Out Back” Dining & Pantry Storage









A combination of uppers and ends creates a built-in furniture look that makes for an attractive custom home feel in the upper right Pict.

The 5 Tip considerations are…

#1 Consider building the cabinets yourself first to save money, if at all possible. Price the cabinets first because custom cabinets will cost more than stock ones. Then price the tools that it would take to make them. Depending on their desired complexity and finish, basic ones can be made with a table saw, clamps, drill, compressor, pneumatic nail guns & possibly a router.

#2 Try putting a classified-ad out there to see if any DIY woodworkers would like some extra cash before going to a custom cabinet shop.

#3 If the wall doesn’t have to be loadbearing, this makes for a great option too.

#4 Plumbing can also be ran in a floor or ceiling, not just a wall. It can also be exposed to make a contemporary loft look.

#5 Drywall can be secure with the right length screws to the back side for a more finished look.

Bonus Tip! Basic flat panel cabinets can be dressed up with simple trim.

cozyhomeplans.com Bathroom Remodel

Putting “Lipstick on a Pig” in this 50’s Bath

cozyhomeplans.com Backside of French Doors

Dressing up the backside of French Doors













Thinking “inside the tiny box” is what we do best here at Cozy Home Plans. We are proud to offer 100 choices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington