beWhat are the 6 most important elements in creating the most calming, peaceful, harmonious, soothing, relaxing, dream-worthy space for your slumber?


The cardinal rule to a soothing bedroom? Comfortable bedding. You don’t have to be basking in the lap of luxury with rich and extravagant sheets, pillows and comforters. Do what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Begin with a mattress that fits your needs then layer away. Cover that with a fluffy feather bed. Continue layering with a nice pair of sheets, jersey or flannel in the cold winter and light cotton or sateen in the warmer months. Top the sheets with a quilt, blanket or down comforter. Toss pillows, again fit to your liking and you have just created the best bedroom sandwich ever.

Trend alert! Throw a chunky cable-knit blanket across the end of your bed to add that cozy feeling.

Color Palette

Limit the number of colors you bring into your bedroom to three, buffered by a neutral hue. For example, pair a coral duvet over your new Macy’s mattress with a navy headboard; or consider painting an accent wall navy, with a cream comforter and Kelly green rug. Don’t know where to begin? recommends you start with a neutral base and then add color, texture and pattern from there.


Play with texture in your bedroom by adding a classic white sheepskin rug next to your bed so it’s the last thing your toes feel as you climb into your comfortable grotto of joy. Also, although a mirror might not the be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider adding texture to a room, the depth found in a mirror or group of mirrors is actually quite organic. Images of texture reflected back out in the room. Unique!

Add Personal Touches

Whether a piece of antique furniture, family photos or monogrammed pillowcases, keep your bedroom personalized with your charm. It helps with the cozy feeling you are attempting to perfect. Keep the balance by not cluttering the room with too many trinkets or anything too large. If you have a character-filled piece like a massive, dramatic headboard made of stone, or a piece of art, tone down the rest of the room so the piece shines bright and isn’t overpowered by anything.

Shut the Door to Technology

Anything that diverts your attention away from rest needs to be removed from your bedroom. While some people enjoy television in their room, leave it in the living room, den or even on the patio (protected, of course). Also, try to leave work exactly where the word itself indicates – at work. At least keep it out of the bedroom. Same goes for social media like Facebook, which can keep you up all night thinking. Stick with a good book, gentle music or simply pet your cat in order to calm your soul as you drift off into the night.

Go Au Naturale

Add elements of nature to your room to soften the feel. Bring in a few plants in creative ways, create a wooden headboard or hang tree-themed wallpaper on an accent wall. Might as well go big and cover all of walls with nature-themed art.

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Victoria James

Daughter of a designer and home ec teacher, Victoria learned everything she would ever need to know about being a successful designer from her mother. Victoria loves passing her mother’s secrets on to readers.