The Big 7 Squared has the same shape only flipped, but that is where the similarities end.

This 480 sq. ft. concept specifically shaped by the utilization of Shipping Containers has some unexpected things inside. This floor plan layout has a great Gathering area with seating for 4-5 comfortably; Dining table, spacious Kitchen with not one but two cabinet Pantries, a ¾ and a ½ Bath, Linen closet and a W.I.C. in Bedroom #1. All with a great flow and room for living to spare!

The “BIG 7 Squared” Floor Plan








This concept not only includes my “6 Must Haves / Essentials” surprisingly well, it may surprise you too in a small home under 500 sq. ft..

#1 The full Kitchen has 13 cabinets, including one corner base “lazy Susan” unit, full size refrigerator, 24” stove and 2 Pantry cabinets plus a dining table area just step away.

I know what you’re thinking… it’s 480 sq. ft., everything is only steps away!

#2 Room for a Queen Size Bed in bedroom #1 and a Full Size in #2.

#3 The ¾ Bath has a 36” corner shower, two small windows and Bedroom #1 has its own ½ Bath.

#4 Storage areas include bedroom closets, Kitchen cabinets, large Linen closet and pantries.

#5 Room for a stackable Washer & Dryer conveniently located in the 3/4 bathroom.

#6 This concept has Space’s for both resting and relaxing for a couple or small family. I think this picture is a great example of how completely different a single footprint can be on the inside. What do you think?

The “BIG 7’s” 3D Top View of Both








By the way… In the picture above, I moved the door on the original BIG 7 wile trying to connect several together. I like it better this way, more dining room…

Thanks for reading about 2/1.5 we call the BIG 7 Squared. This home was the spark for a “FIVE” Bedroom version that’s tomorrows post.

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