Recently got an email question about texturing and fortunately, a new closet was just waiting for some attention. Keep the questions coming! Love to help if I can.

My first recommendation is to always pick and obscure room or area to practice in. A closet, junk room or garage makes for a great place to work on your technique. Just for the heck of it I took a 4” taping knife and just smeared some mud on the wall with no rhyme or reason. I was just curious if anyone could get a hand finished look without any training.  The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Then I took a 12” knife and began to flatten it down to my finished look. This will take some effort and time to get your desired finish but there is nothing better than the hand finished look.

TIP…   Keep a water mist bottle handy for adding some moisture if it seems a little too sticky to work with and smooth out.

This picture actually shows how easily it is to stop / start and still have it all blend together, think a day or two had passed in between applications.


Check out my drywall tip post for additional information.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington