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Choose From An Additional 115 Different Designs

These designs are all what I like to say… still in “the stack” just waiting for me, or you to fall in love with! Each idea is in various stages of development, from they simply need to be officially checked by the architect, to completely in the 100% concept stage. In addition, the stated square footage on all concepts is subject to change for accommodating universal building codes and great ideas from the architect. If you happen to see something you love, send us an email and we will be more than happy to move it straight to the top of our rather large and growing stack.

Flickr currently contains all “125+” CHP designs with lots “how’s 2000 sound” of 3D renderings to give you a feel for what the inside would look and feel like. Choices include 1, 2,3 & 4+ bedroom Micro, Tiny Houses and Small Cozy Home floor plans, with new ones being added quite often. Starting from a Micro 64 sq ft and going up to 1000 sq ft. All designs are unique to Cozy Home Plans and you won’t find them anywhere else.


I love to get feedback & suggestions on my designs! Either positive or negative, it only serves to make Cozy even better with the most and best choices so please feel free to critique away in the comment section or send me an email anytime!


Here is a quick peak at what we have to choose from…

15 Micro Home Concepts 64-199 sq ft

Limbo Rock   We actually won a contest for this 64 sq ft design.

Gingerbread   There are two versions to choose from, 144 & 184 sq ft of this cutest micro home!

Innuendo   This was our first European “wet bath” design. At 192 sq ft it is one of only a hand-full plans with a sleeping loft.

Spyglass      Perhaps the coolest Micro home I have ever created at 196 sq ft plus a loft with stairs!

Sprinkle Drop       And it’s BIG brother… Water Drop will spark your imagination. Starting at 196 sq ft and the Water has got a carport.

Be sure to check out the Poppet & Lone Wolf plus 7 more to get you thinking inside the Micro box! Check-em out in Flickr 192 sq ft small house floor plan "Innuendo" Kitchen

“Innuendo” Kitchen, Dining & Laundry








41 Tiny Home Plans 200-399 sq ft

Catalina    This 200 sq ft is cute and realistic!

Humble Pie    The smallest home with a Fireplace in the whole Cozy line-up. Two options at 240 & 264 sq ft.

Pillow Talk    A perfect combo of practical & awesome in 308 sq ft with it’s separate bedroom and “almost” all 5 of my must haves!

Navajo Peach     It really is a peach at 364 sq ft.

Sashay    What can I say but this is a unique and completely functional layout at 332 sq ft.

Cozy Tree House       A completely doable design… with some cash and it’s only 384 sq ft.

Don’t miss the Candlelight, Nightingale, Cashmere & Privateer plus 31 more designs for Tiny living with some elbow room. There waiting for you in Flickr 192 sq ft small house floor plan "Tree House" Front view

The Cozy “Tree House” Front view









34 Small Home Plans 400-599 sq ft

Secret Garden       Check it out! You will love it too at only 424 sq ft.   

Show-Off      If your looking to be a little different, this one will certainly fit that bill.   A 1/1 floor plan at 424 sq ft.

Sentimento      This little Gem is in the running to be my own personal Cozy Home Plan at 470 sq ft.

A B See        592 sq ft of the perfect 2 bed 1 bath small house floor plan.

Beacon Hill    A practical yet amazing 3 story design at 572 sq ft. 

This range also includes the Storybrooke, Sure Demure, Mittens & the 70’s… Plus 25 more to choose from for a couple or small family wanting to downsize.  Here is the link, Flickr 585 sq ft small house floor plan "Lilly Pad" Kitchen

“Lilly Pad” Kitchen










27 “Big” Small Home Plans 600-799 sq ft

Star Gazer      Designed for an Alaskan lot, this one has some great potential as a   2/2  612 sq ft floor plan.

Tuskaurora     If you want a square box… stay away from this one!   622 sq ft  1/1.

Galley Haven      Conceived for my own mom and her love of cooking, this is perfect little home at 624 sq ft with a great kitchen!

Daybreak     If you are into Shipping Containers, this plan is based on using two 40′ ISBUS’s.  A really cool 640 sq ft  2/1.5 floor plan layout too.

Slide Mountain          Quite possibly… my first choice for a personal Cozy home. Hope you like it as much as I do!

I think you will also love the Open AirHawkeye Point, Natural Rhythm, Forget Menot & the Cozy Steel 1/1 too!  Plus 18 more designs that truly is what “Living Large in a Cozy Home” is all about.  Flickr 612 sq ft small house floor plan "Star Gazer"

612 sq ft “Star Gazer”










9 Really “BIG” Small Home Plans 800+ sq ft

BIG 5 Dorm        Do you need 5 or 6 bedrooms and only have 800 sq ft? Look no further than this alternative building technique layout!

Little Darling       The name speaks for itself in this 2/2 802 sq ft design.

Aurorasee      A contemporary layout with everything! This 912 sq ft design certainly inspires me!


Plus 6 more to choose from in Flickr


The outside view of Cozy’s “Aurorasee”