Cozy is proud to offer its own let’s see how  small  we can go option in the tiny house / square cube genre.

Cozy Cube

This Cozy Cube floor plan will surprise you at every turn. Packed it the 196 sq ft foot print is a small kitchen that has room for a larger sized appliance wok triangle including a full size microwave oven. The downstairs also includes the Bath; stackable washer/dryer, Bed that is accessible from both sides and a perfect little home desk area under the stairs.  A comfortable sitting area is just a short climb up the stairs where you will also discover a large deep storage closet and French doors leading to a Cozy little balcony. Perfect for enjoying the outdoors and opening up the space.

The inclusion of our “6 floor plan essentials” was actually not the number on focus for the Cozy Cube, but we are proud to say that it does have all 6, barely in this compact little floor plan.

Even though the cube has a 14’ x 14’ 196 sq ft foot print, we have managed to squeeze 313’ of acceptable clearances with this Shed roof design. I felt early on during the design process when starting with a 10’x10’, then 12’x12’ that the overall size was less important and function was key to successful living in such a small space. The Cube is rendered with the Bed down and Living area up for easy bath access. Switching these two spaces is possible and actually works quite well.

Our Floor Plan 6 Must Haves…

 #1 This fully functional Kitchen has 6 cabinets including a corner base cabinets “lazy Susan” and one corner upper wall cabinets. A surprising amount of storage for such a small home Kitchen and it also has room for a larger refrigerator and 20” wide stove. The food prep area is minimal, but with the inclusion of the table for two makes more flat surface available.

#2 Enough room for a full or possibly a queen size Bed that is accessible from both sides gives you another great storage option.

#3 A 3/4 Bath with a comfortable 32” x 32” shower has room for storage above the toilet. In the original concept pictures I placed a “wall faucet” in the shower for a quick wash, then draining down into the shower pan. I would love to get some feedback from that idea in the comment section or contact us with any question or concern anytime.

#4 Storage areas include the W/D and clothes closet, under the bed and stairs areas, 6 kitchen cabinets plus a large deep closet upstairs.

#5 Room for a stackable washer and dryer combo unit in the main Bed closet if necessary.

#6 Having space for friends/family and entertaining is my largest compromise in the 6 must haves. The separated Living; Bed, Office and Balcony areas still allows for some division in such a small Cozy home though.

Some variations of previous prototype concepts for a visual aid.

12’x12′ Three Bed area Concept.










TV Loft for 3 with open storage.










Downstairs seating with a TV behind the wall.











Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington