Cozy Home Plans offers several different types of L-shaped home plans including an alternate version of the El Capitan, which is one of the most versatile and popular of the Cozy Home Plans. The 307 square feet original plan has a living and sleeping area in the main part of the house, while the bathroom is located in the “wing” of the tiny home. The alternate plan moves the bathroom and bedroom to the main part of the house and closes them off with walls, while the kitchen and dining area is located in the wing of the L-shape. Both of the layouts have complete laundry facilities (rare in such a small space) storage closets, drawers and shelves.

So, what are the benefits of an L-shaped home?

1. More exterior protection and living space

Depending on how the house is situated, the L-shape of the El Capitan creates a protected outside area for outdoor living. In this position, a shaded deck, porch or covered area can be created – effectively doubling the space of the home without having to pay for the additional costs of walls. If exposed to enough sunshine, this protected area can also be used as a micro-climate area to grow a flower or vegetable garden.

“All Cozy Homes are originally designed with 6” walls to increase the R-Value of the home” 

2. Additional privacy

Moving onto the inside, the “L” area of each house can be utilized to contain the bedroom or bath, creating additional privacy for sleeping or resting.

3. Grouping

With an L-shaped plan, it’s easier to group specific areas of the home. The living, eating and more public areas of the house can be in the main part of the home, while the sleeping and private areas are in the “wing.”

4. Opportunity for expansion

An L-shaped home also offers more opportunities for expansion for an additional bedroom or guest space. If you look at the Sawtooth Mountain plan and the Grand Teton plan, these L-shaped homes also have an additional wing, which creates a Tor Z shaped home plan.