Now that winter is hitting most of the country with full force, this is the time to curl up in your Cozy or tiny home to enjoy your own small and warm space. This is also a good time to add a bit of luxury to your Cozy home in ways that you may not expect. Not every small or tiny house has to be austere and plain to save on space. Even the tiniest house can have comfortable chairs or even a high-tech shower. It’s these little things that make a smaller space even more pleasant to be in.

Here are a list of five luxury items that are great (and affordable) for a tiny house:

1. Chaise Lounge

How about ditching the couch all together and getting a chaise lounge? Not only do these furniture items make you want to…well…lounge, they are also great for small parties and for overnight guests. IKEA has a comfortable chaise that is only about 28 inches across. The Ektorp Chaise costs about $229 and comes in about 10 colors and fabrics.

2. Massaging Showerhead

You don’t have to install a jetted tub or sauna shower in your tiny house when you have a massaging showerhead. The Moen Revolution Massaging Showerhead is only $60 and sends out various streams of pulsating water onto your skin.

3. Sheepskin Rug

There is probably nothing better than running your bare feet over a sheepskin rug. You can get  a small foot rug for beside your bed from IKEA for about $30 or a faux sheepskin rug for about $10 if you want to keep a luxurious, but cruelty-free home.

4. Heated Mattress Pad

If you don’t have a partner or even a large dog to warm up your bed, you can still have a cozy night’s sleep with a heated mattress pad. Target sells several brands for around $60 for a Queen size bed. In addition, pick up some fleece sheets from Costco for around $30.

5. Weekly Flowers…or Fruit

Decorate your house for the winter with some flowers, outdoor greenery or even fruit. You can pick up some flowers for around $5 from your local Trader Joe’s grocery store or just go outside and bring in some evergreen branches or berries for free. A bowl of fruits and vegetables will add color to an otherwise gray day.


Photo by MNicoleM


By Christina Nellemann for [Cozy Home Plans]