A Cozy or tiny home may seem even more cozy in the winter with a wood stove or fireplace, but sometimes a much smaller home will not have the room for a fireplace inside…so having a wood stove outside is a good solution. An outdoor wood furnace like a Shaver Wood Furnace sits outside and keeps the mess of wood, kindling, bugs and ash away from your tiny living room.


An outdoor wood furnace provides hot water to work with any heating system: floor heating, forced air, boilers and water radiators. It can also heat water for your tiny home water heater and hot water for spas, hot tubs and swimming pools. The hot water is circulated through underground pipes to the inside of the house, where they are hooked to a heat exchanger. It can also directly plumbed to the hot water heater, eliminating the need for a $200 side-arm heat exchanger.

With a Shaver Wood Furnace, you load it with wood (preferably oak) once at night and once in the morning and let it run. Smoke, air pollution and mess is kept outside and this type of furnace is beneficial for people with asthma, children and the elderly.

Consider that the smallest Shaver Wood Furnace heats up to 3,500 square feet and costs just over $4,000. It could easily handle a small cluster of tiny houses and supply heat and all there hot water needs.

Wood is actually a Green option for heating your home because its net carbon dioxide emissions are below those of other types of fuels. Technology has advanced in the wood stove and fireplace industry too. Certified stoves are available today that produce no visible smoke and 90% less pollution than were not available just 25 years ago.

Wood heating is a lifestyle choice, so wood heating may not be for everyone. It’s typically available almost everywhere and makes a perfect choice when you want to be off the grid.


Photo by Shaver Wood Furnace

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