One way that we make discovering the perfect Cozy Home so easy is by separating the 120+ sets that are currently in Flickr, into different collections. The “pro” is this narrows your search into more specific categories, eliminating the wasting of time looking at something that won’t work for you. Of course the “con” is that you will be missing out on some of what makes Cozy Home Plans so unique. These 14 different categories break them all of our mini-micro, little tiny & our small cozy homes down by size, bedroom etc…

Some are in more than one collection but this is still your best bet to narrow down the search.

#1 Cozy’s Most Unique currently has 20 sets in it. I wouldn’t necessarily call them my favorites or Greatest Hits! But they certainly won’t disappoint you with their uniqueness. 384 sq ft "Tree House" 3D outside View

384 sq ft “Tree House” 3D outside View








#2 Cozy 1 Bed 1 Bath Plans have a separated bedroom behind a wall with 25 to choose from in that one.

#3 Cozy also has 20 different 1 Bedroom Open Plan Designs that are more of a loft type design to keep barriers to a minimum.

#4 Has 19 sets of Cozy 2 Bedroom Plans ranging from 432-980 sq. ft.

#5 Cozy’s 3 Bedroom Plans include 8 choices in that set.

#6 Believe it or not, Cozy also has 6 designs that are 4+ Bedrooms. 800 sq ft "Big 5" Shipping Container Floor Plan View

800 sq ft “Big 5” Shipping Container Floor Plan View








#7 Has 13 sets of two story plans ranging from 240 -781 sq. ft. Oh by the way, one of those is a three story small house called the Beacon Hill. Three guesses why I chose that name?

We also break them down by square footage. This is just in case you have a budget or are working with a minimum or maximum size restriction.

#8 Our micro section of 200 sq. ft. & Under has 16 sets like the Cozy Cube.

#9 Between 201-300 sq. ft. has 18 sets to peruse.

#10 Homes from 301-400 sq. ft. has 19 sets.

#11 Small Cozy homes between 401-500 sq. ft. has a plethora of 22 to choose from like the Sawtooth Mountain.

#12 “Bigger” small Homes from 501-600 sq. ft. currently has 11 sets like the Glen Ivy.

#13 If 601- 700 sq. ft. is your target, we have 16 in that one.

We save the biggest for Last…

#14 Cozy Home Plans over 701 sq. ft. has 17 different sets as of now and all under 1000 sq. ft. 781 sq ft Small House "High Point" 3D Outside View

781 sq ft Small House “High Point” 3D Outside View










These numbers are constantly changing due to adding new plans, deleting ones that show minimal interest and my constant desire to modify them as new ideas spark changes in the layout. I don’t mind changing them; it’s all about making them Cozier while becoming even more functional.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington