Cozy Home Plans was recently asked for some ideas for an open but sturdy shelter. Not a Tiny House with my must haves, just a roof over your head and walls thicker than a tent. The structure also needed to provide both openness while in use, but security when not. This was Cozy’s floor plan concept for a 10’ x 10’ that’s called… “Roughing It”. We really like the overall look and feel of this Bedroom under the stars making it a great addition to any backyard. It could definitely have many other uses too from; home office, writers retreat, yoga room or Papa’s pad when Mama’s mad etc… The options are limited by your own imagination, plus it’s 10′ x 10′ shape!

The basic materials could be purchased for around $1500 bucks or so with everything being standard sizes. Having the shed roof design also makes it a relatively simple build for the beginner just wanting to dip there toe into a tiny house project. The garage door could be replaced by another set of French if one preferred, but the openness it provided made for a unique and spacious feel in my opinion. It however was the primary reason for the 10’ depth though and the skylights were cool but optional of course.

We really hope you like our little “Roughing It” as much as we do. Please send some pictures if you happen to build one before we do.

Floor Plan

Closed Up









Open Side View

Open Front View










Here are some great tips and ideas from Cozy to make your project even better.

Build a Wall Niche for Extra Storage

Tips on hanging a tiny house door


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington