Creating your perfect Cozy Home is combining both “visual” charm and “physical” comfort. A space that appeals to all 5 senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell & touch in a positive way will quickly become your favourite one. There are a lot of ways to do this; one of those is picking the right paint colour to help make any room feel alive and comfortable.

Based on experiments, different colours instil different vibes and emotions. The psychology of colours relies mainly on a sighted person’s mental and emotional sensibilities. Say, you see a cool one. The first vibe that you get from this is that the place is a restful one, where if you see a warm colour, the vibe that you get is that the place gives you passion and drive.

You can – in addition to setting the desired mood for your home – set goals for a specific room. This room could be a nursery, so you might want to paint it with bright and playful colours. This room could be a study room, so you might want to paint it with metallic colours to inspire you to strive for bigger achievements. You can use this colour psychology in order to achieve the mood that you want. Restaurants, if you have noticed, also use this. They usually paint their spaces with bright red, yellow and orange colours which evoke the feeling of hunger, savour and delight. Here is a rundown of a few colours and the emotions that they evoke.

  • WHITE: peace, comfort, purity
  • BLACK: power, authority
  • GRAY: practicality, neutrality
  • RED: love, romance, passion
  • ORANGE: warmth, happiness
  • YELLOW: warmth, enthusiasm
  • GREEN: growth, money
  • BLUE: peace, serenity, restfulness
  • PURPLE: death, creativity, mystery
  • BROWN: stability, strive
  • PINK: gentleness, love, romance


As you can see, different colours evoke different emotions. Expressing your personality through colours is a great way to show off “you”. The emotions behind paint are sometimes left unnoticed, but they actually do affect people both mentally and emotionally.

Painting is a great DIYer project but it usually takes more time than you think. Here are some tips that may make it easier.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington