Common FAQ’s

All the 3D renderings are great! They really help me visualize what it’s going to look like for real. I was just wondering what exactly does a set of plans look like and what comes with them?

Check out what’s included in a plan page for the specific details included. Please note that the PDF will come formatted to 24” x 36” printing to allow for easy reading of all the details. Using smaller paper than 24” x 36” will cause some of the details to be difficult to read. My plans are as condensed as possible in order to minimize your printing cost, so most plans are only 3-4 pages 

What areas are included in the total square footage?

All “conditioned” (heated and cooled) living space. Measurements are always made to the outside walls and this does not take into consideration wall thickness. We use 2×6 construction almost exclusively. Porches, patios and decks are not included in the totals. Typically in a two-story house, the stairwell is measured only once, and is not included in the upper floor plan total square footage.

How many sets of plans will I need?

Usually 5-8 sets of plans, so having a PDF is the perfect amount.

Why are some of the plans so small?

I think it’s all about considering  needs versus wants. We strive to take that fraction of people who want a simpler a yet comfortable, existence and give them Cozy options.

What should I anticipate for the cost per square foot?

It’s impossible to know for sure exactly, way too many variables. Local building codes, land septic or sewer, grading plus additional necessities will affect construction. Your choices can also greatly affect the overall cost. When deciding on the different grades of lighting, finishes, cabinetry, flooring, windows and other materials, all will have a significant impact.

Do your plans come with a materials list?

Our plans do not include a materials list. Normally the general contractor and/or the materials supplier will aid in compiling a list specific to your home and plan.

Why do some plans not include a dishwasher?

In some plans due to size limitations, a dishwasher is a luxury and not a necessity. All Cozy Home Plans are customizable, so if you must have one, we can figure out a way to give you exactly what you want.

Is it possible to modify your floor plans?

Absolutely! Most types of alterations are possible. They tend to start around 2 times the cost of the original stock plan, but that depends entirely on the significance of the changes.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

Your order contains copyright-protected material, we are not able to provide refunds or exchanges. Please be sure to do all your homework, cross your “T’s”, dot your “I’s”, and ask lots of questions. This will ensure that the home you’re planning to build suits your needs prior to making your purchase.

What type of fireplace does the house have? 

We don’t specify a specific fireplace or heater because codes vary so much based on climate. I recommend discussing your options with a building contractor licensed in your state.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Instantly if your computer is working properly, but the custom plan process will take longer.

Living in a small space seems challenging. Do you actually live in a tiny home?

Currently, I live in approximately 320 sq ft but I do have an additional 475 sq ft in Colorado.

Will these home plans meet local building codes?

Cozy Home Plans have been designed to meet or exceed national building standards at the time they were drawn. Some states, counties and municipalities have their own codes, zoning requirements and building regulations.  Before building, contact your local building authorities to make sure you comply with all local ordinances and codes, including obtaining any necessary permits or inspections as building progresses.

Do any of your floor plans include a garage?

An acceptable one car garage with any storage capability is 12’ x 24′ or 288 sq ft. A two car garage at 20’ x 20’ that holds two midsize cars is 400 sq ft. However, either one of these next to most of these plans would look kind of ridiculous. If you absolutely, positively must have one send me an email and we will see what we can come up with.

Why does every house have wood floors?

Plan3D is an amazing tool, and I am encouraging everyone considering any type of remodel, new construction, or for someone who likes to be creative to purchase it. You have a whole myriad of flooring options, carpet, tile, throw rugs, laminate, peel & stick, and wood. Although tile is occasionally used, I personally love wood floors. I hope they make the renderings more visually interesting.

Where is the dining room?

Each home has a dining area; some have an actual dining room. The trick is knowing when to compromise. The dining area was important because I put such an emphasis on having a functional kitchen. In my humble opinion, there is a good balance between both areas considering the amount of time that is actually spent in each of them. Once again, this gives you the perfect opportunity to get exactly what you want.

Why are the exterior walls 2×6 instead of 2×4? Doesn’t that just take up space?

The short answer is yes. This question inspired a complete section on insulation in resources. The 2” loss is more than a fair trade with the valuable R-value increase and energy savings potential over the life  of the home. If you need to have 2×4 walls, because you’re considering SIP’s, that can easily be done.

I love the homes but I don’t see a hot water tank or heater in any of them?

You are absolutely right. Cozy homes are designed for utilizing an on-demand or “tankless” water heater system. The preferred location is always up above the stacked washer and dryer in my plans. Most all of them are located on the exterior wall for easy venting for gas options. Electric ones can go just about anywhere. The HVAC is taken care of by utilizing Zone Ductless mini-split heat pumpsan incredibly efficient way to accommodate  zone heating.


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