One of the first posts here at Cozy was Seven Tips for Making Tools Multi-task where I talked about safety, 4 ½ “ grinders etc…

Great post, you should really check it out.

The problem was… I needed to trim about a 1/8″ from a little block of wood… without losing any fingers and at the time all I had was a circular saw.

Obviously, the safest way to do this is have some else cut it or do it right the first time…

This is how I would have done it, if my sliding miter saw was in the same state at the time!

Simply slide another similar sized piece of wood next to the small block you’re cutting.  Hold tightly together and then cut. This helps to hold and stabilize the little block for much safer cutting.

Kind of hard to see but the line between my thumb and index finger is the block that needs a saw blade removed. A good sharp blade and paying complete attention is always necessary with power tools. AND “Safety Glasses!”

Some of us have a gift for cutting things (3times) and there still to short! Not me though, I have a hard time taking the line. Must feel sorry for the pencil lead or something… speaking of pencils!!!!!!!

My most favorite carpenter pencil in the world is… The Swanson Always Sharp® Refillable Carpenter Pencils. Order online or just grab one at Lowes for about $2.50. (By the way, you get two and refill leads for one more… that’s actually three pencils)  This is by far and away the only carpenters pencil you will ever want to use.  The leads last much longer than traditional wooden pencils and the simple fact that they never get shorter, it’s borderline miraculous. No more taping two back to back to get one again.

Embarrassed to admit it but I have a hoarder stash of a few dozen(plus) of these things in two states, just in case they ever stop making them. They make great Christmas gifts too!

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington