Designing Cozy Homes typically starts with a simple sketch, idea or picture of something that causes me to say “what if”. The next step is onto my trusty graph paper tablet, which I always keep with me to see if it works out in ¼ scale. Finally, a Plan3D model is created and revised again and again till finally I have something worthy of posting in Flickr.

During all of these stages of concept to actual creation, I’m constantly trying to visualize how traffic flow and the basic day to day living will be accomplished is such a cozier environment.

One way is by extending the inside out with covered porches, patios, decks and the occasional balcony. This allows for blending outdoor and indoor living, not to mention getting us back in contact with nature.

We have a few balconies in our plans and concepts like the Sand Castle and the “Cozy Cube”. A balcony is a standing or seating platform protruding from the wall of a home or building. They are usually supported by columns or some type of support brackets and enclosed with a guardrail for safety.

781 sq ft High Point Balcony











Tons of patios, in fact almost every plan has one and several have multiple access points to it. A few of my favorites are “Sawtooth Mountain” and “Mount Kiska” and its larger ADA compliant small house floor plan “Regal Mountain”.


640 sq ft ADA Compliant Regal Mountains Backyard Oasis









Plus the occasional deck, like the one here in Andrew Odoms concept over at “tinyrevolution”. This is his latest Pod-um rendering with a large deck.


Andrew’s “BIG” Pod-um Deck & Stairs










Decks are typically wooden platforms built slightly above the ground and allow for an entertaining space between the home and the yard. It is generally enclosed by a safety rail depending on the height though. Decks can also be covered by lattice, canopy or even a pergola to control sunlight making them comfortable to enjoy at all hours of the day. Decks can be made from treated lumber, Western red cedar, teak, mahogany, ipê and other hardwoods. Plus synthetic products made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polystyrene (PS) and PET plastic as well as mixed plastics and wood fiber (often called “composite” lumber). These types of materials are very easy to work with, using mostly the same construction techniques as real wood.

This is a little glimpse into what we feels sets Cozy Home Plans apart. Writing this in my own 300 sq. ft. cozy home definitely helps to keep things in a “tiny” perspective.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington


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