Look no further than this one of a kind layout from Cozy Home Plans. The 432 sq. ft. Firefly’s design creates an amazing 2 bedroom compact cabin, with all the amenities you would typically find in one of our small houses. As a matter of fact, this home would be a perfect full time tiny house for anyone needing a 2nd bedroom or private office.

cozyhomeplans.com 432 sq ft Small House "Firefly" 3D outside View

432 sq ft Small House “Firefly” 3D outside View

cozyhomeplans.com 432 sq ft Small House "Firefly" 3D Top View

432 sq ft Small House “Firefly” 3D Top View








The Firefly’s 8’-6” x 9’ seating area comfortably seats 3 or 4 and has room for a built-in entertainment center too. The large Kitchen and Bathroom makes cooking and getting ready for more than one person really easy. The Bedrooms are a little snug, but with the utilization of built-in storage options and room for a private TV, their perfect for sleeping & relaxing in. We also added an extra door in Bedroom #1 for easy access to your backyard oasis or garden.

The “6 Must Haves” are included in 98% of our small house designs; it’s what sets us apart from other micro & tiny house designers. This one is no exception…

#1 The half Galley & “U” Kitchen has 9 cabinets, plus a pantry with extra room for a built in buffet adding additional counter top space & appliance storage.

#2 The custom storage beds have enough room for a Queen mattress in bedroom #1 and a Twin in #2.

#3 The full Bath includes room a standard 5’ tub or 60” shower pan, whichever is preferred.

#4 Storage areas include the custom beds; linen closet, cabinets, coat closet and bedroom chifferobe’.s

#5 We added room for the optional stackable Washer/Dryer centrally located in the hall or it becomes over 4’ of additional storage without it.

#6 The open Kitchen & Gathering room creates a more Spacious feel and a good first impression.


Cozy HP is all about making unique Micro, Tiny & Small houses completely full-time livable. Even the ones we would consider more of a guest house, weekend retreat or getaway cabin like the Firefly.

We now have 121 sets divided into 14 collections or ascending square footage starting at 64 sq ft. and going up. Flickr has almost 2000 3D renderings of what Living large in a Cozy Home would look like. Proudly offering 1 to 5 bedrooms and 1 to 3 bathrooms, all under 1000 sq. ft. with 76 of them under 500 sq. ft.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington