Two Tips for Patching Holes in Tiny House Walls

In our last post we talked about cutting holes, today is about patching them.

#1 Secure some scrap pieces of wood behind the opening giving you something to secure the patch to. One benefit of cutting larger holes is that you can easily reach behind and hold while putting in the screws or pneumatic nails to secure the boards.

TIP #1… I always number any hole before actually cutting it. This makes for quick easy re-installing and tells you exactly how it goes in. There is typically sometime between cutting the hole(s) and patching it/them, so doing this definitely helps in not throwing them away during a cleaning frenzy.

#2 Next, simply secure the original piece of drywall because you followed my tip #1 to the scrap lumber.  Use mesh or paper tape to cover the seams with, skim completely smooth with one or two coats of mud and texture to match.

For more info on the finishing process check out this post…

How to Use Drywall Joint Compound or “Mud”

TIP #2…It takes about the same amount of time to patch a 3” x 3” as it does a 10” x 10” hole, so it’s best to make them larger to start with. It’s much harder to patch a larger hole that was created from two smaller… done some of those too!

Sorry 🙁 Not the best picture in the world but I hope you get the idea.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington