The 356 sq. ft. Privateer concept and its BIG brother the Bella Vista came from an idea to eliminate the traditional bedroom space. Replacing what is typically 100-120 sq. ft. with more like 35 sq. ft. Of course, some compromises will have to be made… such as a tiny bit of privacy, expensive walls, windows and doors plus possibly the bed height. However, for certain situations these two floor plan concepts would make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple vacation retreat; guest house, cabin, weekend getaway or studio.

This floor plan would also work great for someone considering downsizing and looking for the perfect fulltime small cottage home. Being able to live full time in Cozy serenity is always part of our design process.









Of course my “6 Must Haves” need to be checked for these guys to make the Cozy cut.

 #1 This Kitchen is simple yet accommodates all the basics. Room for 9 cabinets including a large pantry cabinet and additional food prep can be accomplished from a flip-up work counter.  Check!

#2 Room for a Queen Size mattress is what this little sleeping berth is all about. The additional storage under the bed can be at whatever height that you desire.  Check!









#3 The 3/4 Bath has room for all the basics plus additional access behind and under the bed area. This provides 100% storage utilization.  Check!









 #4 Multiple Storage areas include W/D area, 9 kitchen cabinets, coat, pantry & linen plus under the Bed. The Bella Vista will actually have even more plus a bedroom when it’s finalized.  Check!

#5 Room for the always optional stackable washer and dryer combo unit in the Kitchen making it a possible full time option.  Check!

#6 Adding a little extra Space for friends & family is one way Cozy differentiates itself from the others. Taking inspiration from the RV world, the dining area could be a great guest bed option in a pinch.  Check!

We are proud to offer choices that you won’t find anywhere else. Please check out our library of 70 concepts in Flickr, it may even inspire your “Tiny” side…

Cozy, Kevin B Harrington