Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or comments you may have. A recent email is a good example of what I’m talking about because why just ask only one question when you could ask a few more!

From Anthony,

1- Limbo Rock 64 sq. ft. what is the cost to build this house and how much are the plans?

2-Which model is the most functional for the small house model below 200 sq. ft.? Price of plans?

3-Which house would you suggest for Earthbag or straw bale type that is small and very easy to build open floor plan?

Here were my answers to these great questions…

Hey Anthony, thanks for the email.

1-    Limbo Rock 64 sq. ft. what is the cost to build…

The Limbo Rock is a total concept plan for the world to ponder “what if” over. Unless you could beg, borrow and have already the materials for building it, then the cheapest way I think would be to buy simply buy a garden shed and modify it to your specific layout. The cost to build varies so much from region to region, building codes and the material quality that you plan on using that it’s scary. A good example is granite or Formica countertops? Both of them will work great but the cost is substantially different. I never want to even guesstimate on a price per sq. ft. dollar figure for these reasons.

2-Which model is the most functional for the small house…

It would entirely depend on your visual taste, comfort with tight spaces and what you ultimately want to accomplish in the space. The Sprinkle Drop is probably the best open one story that includes all my “6 Essentials”. My Cozy Cube is definitely the most functional having the partial second story. Even though it’s a 14’x14’ foot print, the actual square footage is 313 of usable space with good headroom. Any of the Crestones at only 8’ wide could make a good one too that’s easy to build.

Only the Cozy Cube is a completed stock floor plan right now. The process for creating a new small house floor plan usually takes about two-three weeks from concepts to completion for a set of usable blueprints. The cost typically starts around $400.00 and goes up depending on the size.

3-Which house would you suggest for Earthbag or Straw bale …

Great question!!!  The EB… “Earth Bag” Shield at was specifically conceived at 432 sq. ft. and it’s pretty open. I would probably pick one that was squarer or rectangle based on my own personal experience working with Earthbags though. The best thing to do is go through the floor plans in Flickr starting from the smallest and go up from there. See if something specifically works for the layout you desire and we can go from there. Or we can do a custom one from your sketches, either way works for me.

Hope this answers more questions than it creates… but I bet it didn’t. Let me know how else I can help.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington