6 Excellent Ways a Small Home Floor Plan Will Save You Money

If your budget is tight, you can save money with a small home floor plan. Today the majority of us are trying to find ways to save money, and downsizing is one great way to cut costs. Because a house is a major expense, it’s an important factor to consider when seeking to save money.

At present there is a trend towards small homes and tiny homes as many people are less interested in impressing their friends and family with a spacious house, and more concerned about the quality of their lives.

There are several reasons you might think about a small home, but saving money is at the top of most people’s list.

These are Six of the top ways a small home floor plan will save you money.

1. Energy-efficient. Less sq footage means much lower utility bills. Your small home will be significantly less expensive to heat in winter and keep cool in the summertime, as well as less energy consumption for lighting and other electrical use. A tiny home’s interior is much more energy-efficient since there are no wasted living space in areas not being used often for instance formal living rooms and dining rooms that are used just for visitors.

2. Cleaning is Much Easier! Every housewife or homemaker who has spent hours cleaning can easily see the advantage of a tiny home. You’ll save money on the many cleaning products needed to clean a larger house, as well as the time you will save zipping through a tiny home with a vacuum cleaner or broom, as opposed to hauling your vacuum cleaner from room to room on different floors.

While the reduced space for storage in a tiny home means you’ll want to stay organized, you’ll have to make decisions about what things you will keep and what is better tossed out or given away.

3. No Mortgage or Small Mortgage. Tiny houses are normally less costly to purchase overall; fewer materials for the construction, less money in labor, and can possibly be constructed without a mortgage. There are floor plans designed for DIYers to save much more money. For individuals who don’t want to do any work themselves, the best thing about small home floor plans is they are much less expensive to hire a professional to build.

It’s even possible to build many small homes without taking out a home loan. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have not mortgage…or at least a small one!

4. Less Expensive to Decorate. Since your small house will only allow a limited amount of furnishings, you should look for dual-purpose furnishings like storage ottomans.

It’s much easier to furnish a tiny home than be required to purchase a lot of furniture to fill every room of a large home. Small homes likewise have less wall surfaces, fewer windows and floor areas. This may save substantial money on home furnishings like carpeting, window covering and expensive electronics…like a big screen TV for each room.

5. Save Money on Taxes. A small home will costs significantly less on property taxes than larger and more expensive homes. Lots of people invest in condominiums to reduce housing costs, however by owning your own tiny house, you will be able to maintain some independence and privacy while avoiding costly condo or homeowners association charges.

6. Worry Free Retirement. Of course, selling the larger family home and getting a smaller home enables empty-nesters to build up and protect their nest egg after retirement. Downsizing has several advantages for empty-nesters surviving on a fixed income.

Considering how much money you will need to live comfortably after you retire, it’s no surprise that so many people are looking to downsize and save money on housing expenses after retirement. Wouldn’t it be great to have the time and money to travel and enjoy your golden years without the worry, expense and upkeep of a large home?

If these six money-saving factors aren’t enough to convince you that a small home is the way to go, consider the environmental benefits of a tiny home.  There will be considerably less energy consumption to maintain a small home as a result of savings in cooling and heating expenses, as well as a smaller lawn. It’s also possible to reduce your carbon footprint more by picking greener construction materials and using chemical free household products and cleaners.

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