We are putting in a double rod system in this brand new closet for additional hanging space. When attaching supports for new shelving etc… some walls may and probably don’t have studs in the perfect place. Here is an alternative fastening method that works very well.

A great thing to have on hand is a little extra painter’s caulk. A case or two should just about do it…   Remember the phrase from an earlier post. “A little caulk and paint , will make you what you aint”  A few small piles of this stuff, a few nails and some time… this anchoring method will hold up to just about any reasonable load. Try and resist the urge to do a chin-up, that would be unreasonable.

Place your boards at the desired height; add shelving if you want, secure, caulk all the upper and lower seems again, paint and you have just effectively double you closet short garment hanging space and learned a new skill. All for just a few bucks, plus some time. Each little project will enhance your skill and confidence level quickly enabling you to tackle the larger more complicated projects Like building a Tiny House for example 😀

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington