Besides focusing on giving you more unique choices for cabins, casitas and cottage floor plans than anywhere else, Cozy’s other passion has been alternative building techniques.

I still have a great love and appreciation for ISBU’s or shipping containers, Earthbag construction, CEB’s “Compressed Earth Blocks” etc… Also planning to build a silo “Grain Bin” house/home in the future. Thanks to my brother, we already have the spiral staircase and Bins purchased and waiting. That is for another post though…

Cozy already has several floor plans compatible with existing ISBU sizes. Check out our list of shipping container standard sizes so you know exactly what’s available out there. Designing with the proper size container first will help to eliminate costly design modifications later. Starting with the right size container will help ensure that you can fit everything in from the beginning.

For example a 20′ Standard Freight Container is:

Internal Dimensions
Length: 19′- 2″
Width: 7′- 6″
Height: 7′- 8″

External Dimensions
Length: 19′- 10″
Width: 8′
Height: 8′- 6″

Door Opening
Width: 7′- 6″
Height: 7′- 4″


If the thought of building a home in a large metal box or shipping container is completely new to you, these are some concepts of what it actually could be?

Stock floor plans currently available:

The Skylight Mountain and Granite Mountain are both 16’ Wide and 20’Long, specifically to be options for utilizing 20’ ISBU’s.

In Flickr we also have…

53’ ISBU “Shipping Container” 1/1 424 sq. ft.

This home was one of the first created in Plan 3D. Loosely based on my current tiny house, I can definitely see myself living in it. Lots more Picks if you follow the link.

53′ Shipping Container Outside View










53′ Shipping Container 3D Top View











53′ Shipping Container Kitchen











20′ x 20′ 400 sq. ft. BOX

Separating the two or more containers with a gap creates additional square footage, at a very inexpensive cost. Ten additional Picks were just loaded up on 11/4/12.

2 40′ ISBU’s 1/1 640 sq. ft.

A sweet & simple one bedroom home with a great open kitchen and spacious bedroom!

And the Bay of Many 3/1-1/2 (640 sq ft)

3 bedroom 1-1/2 Baths all neatly packed into a 16’x 40′ shell.

640 sq ft “Bay of Many” Floor Plan 3/1-1/2 3D Top View











A driving force behind Cozy Home Plans is our commitment to the community, environment and green/alternative building practices. If you know of a unique alternative building practice, send us an email. We love to broaden our horizons here at Cozy Home Plans.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington