Tiny, small and Cozy homes can be a challenge when it comes to storage. Cozy Home Plans tries to add in as much built-in storage as possible into each small home, but sometimes you might have to let your furniture do the storing of your clothing, paperwork, books or DVDs. These days, more and more furniture is being designed to hold your belongings. Some of these pieces of furniture are unique, functional and stylish and still take up less room than some storage bins or other alternative ways to hide away your stuff.


This platform bed for $275 from Humble Abode features two large drawers on each side of the bed for clothing, bedding or towels.



This stylish chair from Coleman Furniture has storage inside the seat.


Target sells some nice looking ottomans in different shapes and fabrics that also double as storage cubes.


This dark cherry dining table has a storage pedestal base for stacking cookbooks or dining accessories, with a lower door offering even more out of sight storage. It costs about $260 from Wendy Furniture.


This rolling laundry cart from Casa not only holds laundry in separate compartments, but it can also hold clean clothes and it rolls around from bathroom to bedroom. It costs around $100.



By Christina Nellemann for [Cozy Home Plans]