I personally spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of the computer screen; designing, researching, answering emails, reading blogs, and the occasional surfing just for fun. This makes having an area specifically for the computer or home office constantly on my mind.

Sometimes including this area in a tiny house is just not practical, especially with people “me included” utilizing a laptop computer. Their size makes this area a luxury and not a necessity. Both furniture and spaces in a Cozy home need to have multi-functional aspects, keeping it clutter free, working efficiently and bearable.

Living the Tiny/Cozy lifestyle for me is synonymous with compromise; however I have managed to create a few unique small house plans… and sneak a home office area in too! For now, I will be content with having my dining room table be my desk. Need to get that “Cozy Cube” built ASAP!

**Of course** these ares and renderings are my visions of what “could be”. Your Cozy home will be different, but the extra space is there, utilize it in whatever way works best for you.

The 196 sq. ft. “Cozy Cube” has a great little area under the stairs specifically for a home office desk area.

The Cube’ Desk Area











The 307 sq.“El Capitan” studio version is all about the writers retreat.

The 452 sq.ft. “Rusty Nail” has the perfect little space for a great desk with a view.

Rusty Nail’s Desk Area











Both the 525 sq. ft. “Top Hat” and the 585 sq. ft. “70’s” are rendered with a small desk in the Gathering rooms corner.

The 624 sq. ft. “Galley Haven” has a corner in the bedroom that makes for a great spot for a desk.

The Galley Haven’s Desk Area

The 625 sq. ft. “Hawkeye Point” has a built in desk niche just off the gathering room.

The Hawkeye Point’s Desk Area











The 576 sq ft “Glen Ivy” has a great space in the Bedroom than can be a a private sitting room or the perfect place for a home office.

If you’re looking for the perfect small vacation home, studio, cottage, backyard granny flat or rental unit, rustic weekend retreat, country villa, hunting lodge, guest house, pool house or even an ideal full time cabin, Cozy Home Plans have choices that you won’t find anywhere else. We are pleased to now offer 30 floor plans and concepts under 500 sq. ft. and 50 under 1000 sq. ft.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington