The High Point is still a Small House at 781 sq ft.

Any Home can have a unique exterior reflecting just about any architectural style out there.

From Modern to medieval is possible with the proper Architect, engineering and checking account.

A great example of this are the two separate elevations offered with the High Point. When I first envisioned this home, it was inspired by my childhood spent on an Iowa farm and the out-buildings around me now here in the North Texas countryside. However, my favorite Architect saw something completely different from my “Barn” renderings.

This makes any home a great example of what can be done from a basic shape. Then specifically suited to the taste of the homeowner.

“Big Daddy’ Porch

“Mission Possible”










The High Points Description

Rarely would the words cozy and two story be used in the same sentence so this home creates a hint of curiosity before one even gets inside.  With the signature Cozy covered porch you enter into a two story open stairway, foyer and dining space.  The efficient kitchen has all full size appliances and a large window for an open feeling.  Bedroom one is on the main floor with its own vaulted ceiling. The Bath and laundry are just down the short hallway. The stairs take you up to the bed #2; loft, home office, artist space, writers retreat etc… The upstairs features a nice closet and its own ½ bath for convince. The “private” balcony makes this cozy 2nd story room complete.  The covered back door area is a perfect mud room landing when the weather turns bad.

My goal was to keep all the Cozy Home Plans less than 750 sq ft. At 781 this versatile and unique was worth bending my rule a bit.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington