Getting questions and comments here at Cozy about our home plans and concepts not only keeps us thinking small, but it helps us give you the best possible choices as shown in Flickr, “My warehouse of Creativity” now with 3000 views. Designing homes for me typically comes from a smoldering spark… quickly creating a roaring flame of inspiration turning into a 3D small house concept usually under 500 sq. ft. However, we have begun to diversify Cozy Home Plans with larger two bedroom homes with an actual garage! Who would have thunk? It’s all because of “you” telling us what “you” want to have in a Cozy home.

A recent comment about a long forgotten concept called the “Labyrinth”… I know, it’s a stupid name but it was my first reaction and YES… It will probably change

jennings70546 said:

Interesting concept with the bedroom. Not typical! I would move w/d into closet next to bath. Add rear door next to kitchen sink. Use closet where w/d was located for full size fridge eliminating door into bedroom. Also, fireplace would be nice in the corner where TV is located.

Of course I responded by:

Thanks for the input, excellent suggestions. There is actually a full size fridge in the kitchen, but I totally see what you mean about needing a second door. The home is still a hobby project but it does have some potential I feel. Not a square box fan you will notice, but this one is all about the inside layout.

Here is what a few simple sentences from “YOU” can do.

New Kitchen Door








Please feel free to contact us anytime. I just answered an email this morning about composting toilets versus outhouse. Those are certainly not my area of expertise, unless you count the fact that I used one “outhouse” as a kid.

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