Cozy’s “We love Small House Floor Plans” all about Shipping Containers is going to finish BIG! 800 sq ft BIG!

In this series we primarily focused on configurations using 3-4 20’ ISBU’s, creating a small house. The 20′ size of Shipping Containers could actually be manageable by an individual or family of DIYers.

We only scratched the surface with these 6 potential configurations from 1-5 beds. Let us know what you think and we might do another one in the future. Heck, send me a sketch and we just may make a 3D model of your DREAM shipping container castle… Wouldn’t that be fun?

During the design process of these potential layout ideas, one often sparks another, then another etc… For some unknown reason this floor plan concept emerged from the BIG 7 Squared. Don’t ask, haven’t a clue… or do I?

My BIG plans for Cozy are to grow it into a business that not only does floor plans but actually teaches people about alternative and sustainable building techniques, my true passion! Hold our own workshops on ISBU construction, Earthbag building practices, Tiny & Micro Houses, CEB’s etc… I guess this is where the idea for plans like the Dorm comes from. My desire to have accommodations on site while we do the classes is always in my subconscious. 800 sq ft small house floor plan "BIG 5" Floor Plan

The “BIG 5” Floor Plan








That’s enough yapping; let’s get into the BIG 5and my “6 essentials/must haves” for it!

#1 This Kitchen has 15 cabinets & Pantry; full size refrigerator, Stove, Microwave and a Cozy dining area for 6 right next door.

#2 Each Bedroom has room for a Full or maybe Queen Size Bed with storage closets and under the bed drawers for additional storage.

#3 We have a ½, ¾ and a Full Bath to choose from in this layout. Only one Bedroom has access to the Bath directly.

#4 Storage areas are always on my mind but not a huge priority with this layout. However we did manage to put in a big Pantry cabinet.

#5 Room for a stackable Washer & Dryer unit was carved out from a Bedroom. Necessary??? Probably not but I just can seem to design a house without one.

#6 Additional Space in the form of an large gathering area and a separate computer room.

Some questions that I asked while looking at this finished plan…

Is this a Cozy Home?   Beyond its small size, the potential for it being a Dorm, work camp or shelter is pretty good so in a way… yea.

Is this Kitchen overkill?   Probably, in certainly could use some more food prep area but hey! I like to cook.

Are the bedrooms too small?   There all actually bigger than mine so I don’t think so.

At Cozy Home Plans we specialize in vacation retreats; guest houses, casitas, cabins, granny flats and cottages. Plus Micro houses, Shipping containers and a few whimsical ideas as well. Check out the complete line up in Flickr and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!

May 2013 see your dreams fulfilled…


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington