As the Big “Plus” began to take shape, it surprised me more and more. This floor plan became all about efficiency, separation and comfort with tons of storage. You first enter an open Gathering, Dining and Kitchen in this concept. The bedrooms are accessible from the main area but separated from each other and both #2 & #3 have small built in desk areas in them as well as ample storage in the form of chifforobe cabinets. Bedroom #1 is all about the built-in storage areas, eliminating the need for furniture other than the bed and it includes a private door to the backyard. This design is base on using four 20′ Shipping Containers or a 40′ and two 20’s.



My “6 Must Haves/ Essentials” are checked off with enthusiasm…

 #1 This open Kitchen has 10 cabinets including two corner base “lazy Susan” units, full size refrigerator and stove, dishwasher and a large double Pantry cabinet.   Check!

#2 Room for a Queen Size Bed in #1 and two Twin or full beds in #2 & #3.  Check!



#3 Both the one and the 3/4 Baths have vanity or storage cabinets.   Check!

#4 Storage areas include multiple Chifforobe’s in all three bedrooms for space saving, W/D closet, Dining storage area and Kitchen cabinets with Pantry.   Check!

#5 Room for a stackable Washer & Dryer combo by the baths helps keep the plumbing close.   Check!

#6 This Cozy concept has Space for a small family with and room for everyday living in well under 750 sq. ft.   Check!

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Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington