Continuing our “We love Small House Floor Plans” series, this week is all about using 3-4 20’ Shipping Containers for the core structure and shape. From some of these potential configurations, we have put together a few design concepts that try and combine a tiny/cozy home footprint with true livability. Depending on your own particular needs, we may just have the perfect floor plan layout for you.

We like the idea of using smaller 20’ ones in these designs because of their manageability. A 20′ Standard Shipping Container has a tare weigh of approximately 5,000 lbs. This makes handling them possible by an experienced DIYer with a heavy-duty pickup and trailer. There are so many other considerations for the actual construction, but we will primarily focus on the “what if” aspect of how the interior layout could be.

Here are just a few ideas that I had bouncing around in my head starting with the “BIG T”.

A group of Shipping Container concepts

The “BIG T” Floor Plan View








All of these designs will include my 6 Must Haves” and each one has a few unique attributes that I will highlight. Not sure if the design process was hampered or enhanced by the size and shape limitations, we’ll let you be the judge… I can most definitely assure you that I could easily see myself living in each and every one of them. Quite comfortably too, because there almost twice the square footage that I have now.

#1 This Kitchen has 10 cabinets including two corner base “lazy Susan” units, full size refrigerator and a 24” stove with a dining area for two along the counter.

#2 Room for two Queen Size or smaller Beds will fit in the bedrooms.

#3 The first Cozy Jack & Jill style Bath is a surprise to see in only 480 sq. ft.

 #4 Storage areas include cabinet type chifforobes in both bedrooms. This saves the wasted space on the typical 4” wall cavity, 21” deep built-in entertainment center with additional storage cabinets above and Kitchen cabinets.

#5 Room for a stackable Washer & Dryer combo unit in the Bathroom.

#6 Additional Space is certainly one of my must haves, but these concepts are more about Cozy comfort than entertaining, but there’s always the couch!

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Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington