How much would you be willing to pay for your Cozy or tiny house plans? According to, a custom house plan can cost around 15 percent of the construction budget. So if you are building a custom tiny or small home for around $30,000 your plans might cost around $4,500. Stock plans will be significantly less since they are widely distributed, but you still might be spending around $1,000-$2,000 for each set. There are some people out there who are building tiny homes for just a few thousand dollars more than that.

A story written by Lloyd Alter on Treehugger discussed the wide range of prices that are being charged for tiny and small homes. Custom homes by well-known architects or designers are going for around $2,500 (Sarah Susanka) and some plans are even being offered for $10 (Small House Catalog). However, Alter also brings up the point that while experienced architects should be paid for their work, the more expensive plans seem to be out of line with the tiny and small house market, aesthetics and doctrine.

Should plans be cheaper to encourage people to build smaller? Or should they be more expensive to encourage tiny or small house designers to continue designing? It’s a fine line. Of course, any home owner will want to pay as little as possible for their plans since there are going to be a lot more expenses coming up in the future, however some home owners may also want a unique tiny home and that will require a custom plan and extra cost. It may come down to the individual’s budget.

It was interesting to read the comments that followed the Treehugger article. Several commenters mentioned that plans should either be sold in a tier process or by percentage of the total house cost. Some commenters even came to the conclusion that they should cost $500 and that’s it.

Cozy uses a tiered system for the plan cost based on square footage. We are also currently running a 25%OFF special making them even more affordable.

Up to 300 sq ft   $295.00

300 – 400   $395.00

400 – 500   $495.00

500 – 600   $595.00

700+  sq ft   $695.00

Custom plans and modification are available. Please see the FAQ’s for further details.

Photo courtesy of Anton Raath/Flickr