If your Cozy Home budget is limited, you might be wondering what might the best tools to have on hand for building your new Cozy Home. Here are the top five tools that any new home builder should have on hand:

Hand-Held Circular Saw

A circular saw is one of the best small tools to have, not only because it is simple to use, but because it is easily portable. A circular saw is used for cutting wood used for framing, trim, dados and other smaller cuts as well as long cuts. The saw can also be equipped with a blade designed to cut masonry, plastic or metal. A basic circular saw by Black & Decker will will cost you about $70 while a more robust saw by a company like Skil or Bosch will cost about $150.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The sliding compound miter saw or chop saw is the workhorse of tiny house construction. It is used for cutting framing materials, trim and molding, but it cannot make long cuts. Many miter saws use a laser guide for precise cutting and they can be adjusted to cut straight 90° cuts or angle cuts such as 15°,30°,45° or 75°. To use a miter saw, you will need a flat surface like a work table or some sawhorses with a flat piece of wood on top. The average price for a new miter saw is about $150-$200.

Hand-Held Corded Drill

Even though cordless drills are great to have around the home for small, odd jobs, a drill with an electrical cord is a much more powerful tool to have on the tiny house job site. A corded drill can have multiple attachments such as spade drills for creating larger holes, orbital sander attachments for sanding wood or metal or even attachments for mixing cement and paint.

Framing Hammer

If you can’t afford a nail gun, a framing hammer is the next best thing for framing the walls of your Cozy Home. A framing hammer is different from a regular hammer in that it is longer, heavier, it has a ridged hammer face and it may have a flatter claw.

Table Saw

The largest tool in this group is a table saw. Table saws are used to make longer cuts in longer pieces of wood. This is called “ripping” the wood. Ripping is cutting a long board lengthwise and the table saw is the best and safest tool for the job. The table saw needs a flat, firms surface to work correctly and is probably one of the more dangerous tools since its blade is not covered with a safety shield. Brand new table saws run about $300-$500, but you can sometimes purchase a used saw for half that.


Photos courtesy of benfff85, ewan and donabel, colmmcsky, Katie and Ian, karendalziel