How fantastic would it be if all micro, tiny & small homes were 100% sustainable? It makes complete sense to me. Tiny homes offer the best opportunities to experiment with all the different aspects of sustainable resources due to there size. This sure would also be one way to get the tiny home critics to have something positive to say about these sized homes, while at the same time challenging their environmental consciousness even more.

There are so many sustainable & green energy options and they include:

  • ·       Solar energy
  • ·       Bio-fuels/bio-energy
  • ·       Wind power
  • ·       Hydro power
  • ·       Hydrogen and fuel cells
  • ·       Geothermal
  • ·       Ocean energy

In addition to these renewable energy options, there are also so many different types of recycling efforts that can be utilized for maximizing of material use. Where do we start on this 100% sustainable mission? By incorporating ideas like:

  • ·       Building a portion or all of the tiny home from recycled material
  • ·       Using appliances and other items that utilize renewable energy: These include items such as solar cookers, Sun Frost refrigerators, composting toilets, rainwater catchment systems, hand operated appliances, and so much more.
  • ·       Utilizing solar panels to generate electricity
  • ·       Using solar heaters to heat water
  • ·       Using non-electric washing machines
  • ·       Planting trees and plants for food, air purification, wind and temperature control
  • ·       Using solar lanterns and candles as lighting options

Creating tiny homes that are 100% sustainable is possible. It requires effort and a lot of creative thinking. We are halfway there by having a Cozy Home!

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington