Popcorn?  Probably not the best choice for a tiny house ceiling.

Job #1 in the condo was turning our three or four different wall and ceiling textures into just one.  The hand finished skip trial look required for that Tuscan old world feel.

First thing was the removal of “popcorn”, which is actually a piece of cake if you follow these tips!

The key ingredient is water, 6” scraper/ taping drywall knife, plus a generous pinch of elbow grease… and Viola, a recipe for bye, bye 70’s.

Yes, if it has been painted it is a little more difficult to remove so don’t be afraid of it.  The BIG plus of it being painted once or twice is that it usually comes off in larger manageable pieces that make cleanup much easier. Just grab the piece and drop it into a trash bucket.

I use a 1 gallon pump sprayer “the kind you usually find in a garden area” but the old glass cleaner bottle works just as well in small areas.

Typically, a once over good mist of water for unpainted plus waiting a minute before starting to scrape or misting the area twice with a minute or two in between the misting for the painted popcorn ceilings works good.

Working in smaller, let’s say in a 3’x 3’ area enables you to remove the popcorn quickly before the water dries. About ¾ of the way through the area you’re working on mist the next area, this keeps the scraping moving smoothly and quickly.

Too much moisture “BAD” and the drywall paper under the popcorn will easily tear and not enough water leaves a very rough surface and it takes much more effort to scrape than it should. If it’s still too dry and not coming off smoothly, do another very light and quick mist to see if that softens it up any.

TIP! Always start scraping in an obscure corner or closet until you get the perfect amount of moisture and time needed to soften it up. This is just in case you have to do some minor repairs.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington