One of the great benefits of having both a friend and Cozy Home Plans concept critic/advisor in Andrew Odom, is that he makes me think even more “outside the shoe box” than usual. This could explain why he is an inspiration to both me and the Tiny House movement.

Our conversation went as follows about a new floor plan concept under 500 sq ft called the Bonne Nuit.

Meaning Good Night in (French).

Bonne Nuit


anotherkindofdrew said:

What is the walkway space between the kitchen and the living area? It looks a bit thin. Also, what if the couch was turned to a 3-seater, pushed in to the corner, and the newly opened corner outfitted with a recliner?

Cozy said:

The opening is right at 33” wide, the cabinets under it could be re-sized or two people passing each other could take turns, it’s usually up to the owner. I have added 3 more Picts to better help you visualize.

anotherkindofdrew said:

No reason to add more space than 33″. Must have been the perspective of the image. The cool thing about small spaces is it literally forces us to “brush up” against each other and forces interaction. There literally is no room for passivity.

Cozy said:

Thanks for the new word, passivity… Had to look it up!  Cozy, at least to me is synonymous with serenity. The life I now lead in my 300 sq ft home versus the one I had in almost 3000 sq ft is sooo very different. BUT in a GREAT way… at least for me anyway. My legacy will not be possessions; hopefully it will be a new paradigm.


This comment written in a minute and probably late at night has really caused me to think… a lot. Just wanted to share it with all of you who don’t keep up with Flickr.  Creativity and insight can often come from a simple spark, I’ll leave you with this to ponder, a candle loses nothing by lighting another.


Kevin B Harrington  (Cozy Home Plans)