Here is 2 quick tips, just in case the ones you have are a little too long.

I added a long hanging garment shelf making this or any closet a little bit more functional. Having a surplus of drywall screws left-over, this is how I made them the perfect length to secure my new shelf.

Too long!

TIP#1…  First screw up from the bottom till tight, then take a hammer and tap the side of the screw protruding out. These will typically snap off after one or two gentle 45° hits.

Gently Grind












At this point take your trusty 4 ½” hand held grinder with metal blade and smooth off the top. Fill in the hole and it’s a perfect fit.

TIP #2…  Let’s say you have to keep the top surface perfectly smooth, that means no grinding scuff marks. Take the long screw and drill it in about  ¾ of the way, then back out. Now take the grinder and shorten the screw to the desired length. It should now easily go back in the pilot hole you previously made and will secure the board perfectly without poking through the top.

Here are some more things you can do with a hand held grinder.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington