One of the first jobs for this Condo Project was turning two bedrooms into one suite with a sitting room and a fireplace.  This was accomplished by placing an arch way opening, “keeping the Tuscan theme” to connect both bedrooms and creating one large space.

As you can see… getting the perfect arch took a few tries. Too abrupt, flat, hot, tall, cold, short, awww… just right!












Sorry about this picture, the camera on my phone had drywall dust all over it. Once you have found the perfect arch, drill some pilot holes on the four corners and on the top of the arch. Then find a long piece of flexible material that will mimic the arc and mark on the other side of the wall. Drill a few small test holed through to the other side to confirm you’re on the right track before you do any major cutting.













To get the desired five foot opening perfectly centered, this is what I had to deal with. Cut out a few metal studs, move some electrical outlets with wire running in metal conduit, remove base trim that is liquid nailed to the drywall and make both sides look even plus the carpet.  Piece of cake…

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington