Cozy’s plan concept generated quite a few comments and hopefully opened some new eyes…  It certainly did mine… to the possibility of what is and what could be. These are typically called a Micro Cabin and at only 64 sq ft, micro indeed.

A visually and spatially challenged friend finally got it when I said “just a little wider than a full size truck bed”. Wish I had a picture of the look on her face.

I’m encouraging everyone if you missed it, please take a look at all the entries over at Alex’s site. It’s full of some really good ideas, some great comments about the designs plus tons of other information on the Tiny House movement. Derek “Deek” Diedricksen site too!

One that I found particularly insightful, was a Tiny House design by Anthony. Looks like he really put some serious effort into it and thinking about what is best for colder climates. Very cool…

From our “6 essentials” perspective… almost all were slightly hinted at except one.

Missing from the design is a Washer/Dryer. This has inspired Cozy to consider an “All in One” now instead of our typical Stackable unit. Look for an upcoming blog post on them. We actually could have placed one under the Bed in hindsight…

I personally like using the Stackable ones because there cheap, readily available and perfect for light use… plus one of my options in the laundry section of Plan 3D. However, sometimes the space for one just isn’t in the overall Square foot budget for a Cozy Home or Tiny House.

Here is a new design concept that we are now incorporating is some of the “smallest” of the smaller Cozy Homes.

This idea utilizes one half of a traditional storage closet, enabling it to do double duty without sacrificing too much. We think it is a great compromise to have both storage and laundry capabilities.

Look for further space saving innovations coming soon, plus our participation in a new contest.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington